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Anna De Liddo (Research Fellow and group lead)

Anna De Liddo is a Research Associate on Collective Intelligence at The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute, working on the design, development and evaluation of argument mapping web platforms such as Cohere and the Evidence Hub. She is currently the OU lead on the EU-funded FP7 Catalyst Collective Awareness project. She gained her PhD at Polytechnic of Bari, Italy, investigating ICT for Participatory Planning and Deliberation, using OU argument mapping tools. In the course of her PhD she took individual responsibility in several international projects (Hypermedia Discourse, Palette and OpenParks) in the UK, Greece and Italy. She is member of the of the Hypermedia Discourse group, the Compendium Institute, and Global Sensemaking community.



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Michelle Bachler (Software Development lead)

Michelle is a software developer working primarily on collective intelligence and knowledge mapping technologies. She brings years of industry experience in Java, Php, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL and other technologies, and she has been the full-time programmer of the IDea group since it’s inception. Previous work includes Compendium and Cohere



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Brian Pluss (Associate Researcher and Technologist)

Brian Plüss is Research Associate at The Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute. He recently defended his doctoral thesis “A Computational Model of Non-Cooperation in Natural Language Dialogue” at The Open University’s Computing and Communications Department. In his PhD, he specialised in analysing and modelling non-cooperation in political interviews. Before this, he obtained a MSc in computer science at the National University of Rosario, Argentina. He has carried out research on virtual human systems at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies in Los Angeles, California, and on software architectures and formal methods in Portugal, Argentina and Finland. From 2001 to 2004, he worked as a software engineer for ATX Software in Lisbon, Portugal. His duties included web interface design, database administration, quality assurance, project management and customer liaison.



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Alberto Ardito (Software Engineer)

Alberto Ardito is an MSc student of Computer Engineer at Politecnico of Bari. During his academic studies he has worked as freelance ICT consultant on web technologies. After completing a Bachelor Degree at Politecnico of Bari, with the thesis “Computer vision system for date recognition on LPG cylinders in critical conditions”, he collaborated with Politecnico of Bari as a computer engineer, implementing algorithms and applications for the extraction of emotion features from images/videos of human faces. Through his experience as a freelance ICT consultant, Alberto developed advanced skills in web technologies, interface design, user experience and computer vision. He is also the co-founder and CTO of, an online tour operator promoting slow and sustainable tourism in Puglia, Italy.