We are a team of researchers and developers from the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University (UK).

We are passionate about knowledge mapping, sensemaking, new media, visual thinking and disruptive technologies which aim to inspire and bring about new form of collective intelligence and social change.

The group is composed of:

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Anna De Liddo (Research Fellow and group lead)



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Michelle Bachler (Software Development lead)



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Brian Pluss (Associate Researcher and Technologist)




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Alberto Ardito (Software Engineer)




To increase our ability to collectively resolve complex problems.

The objective of our research is enabling creative ideation, knowledge co-creation and mapping, public deliberation and democratic decision-making at unprecedented scale, while allowing many voices contribute to effective, unbiased, democratic conversations that lead to intelligent group behaviors and social change.

To tackle complex societal dilemmas we need a collective effort.
We need answers that are built together by sharing, knowledge resources, stories and insights in a word we need collective intelligence in action.


We develop in-house ground breaking technologies to harvest discourse-based collective intelligence. This is what we call Contested Collective Intelligence.

Contested Collective Intelligence (CCI) research seeks to understand the forms of CI that can be constructed through discourse and action, which enables advanced forms of collective sensemaking such as idea generation and prioritization, argumentation and deliberation.

Join us

  • If you are a community member, organisation, a journalist or a political motivated individual who want to discover and apply new media technologies to improve social change and democracy;
  • If you are a researcher or technologist who is interested in human-centered computing and in designing and developing tools for and with society.

Then drop us an email and come and work with us!